Gorgeous African American woman with locs, pondering as she sits outside
📸 Kory Williams

I’m paying homage to a part of my LocCommunity (I love how “loc” fits perfectly into most words😉)! I dare not say that I’m self-taught (because that wouldn’t be true), but if I may tweak an African proverb, “it takes a village” to become educated about locs and loc maintenance and it could take months to sort through the tons of loc information online.

Search and/or Google no more! I was fortunate to have found a Certified Loctician/Licensed Hair Care Professional on YouTube (YT) prior to starting my #locjourney. I’ve learned a ton

about locs from her and will introduce or reacquaint you to her now (drum roll🥁please)...

She’s my favorite “Digital Loctician” (her actual pseudonym, dope right?)...Jocelyn Renee!

I found Jocelyn’s YT channel while searching for stater loc videos and I’ve been hooked ever since! She is extremely knowledgeable, an amazing teacher, and I love how she creates LocCommunity on her social platforms! And oh, I love her virtual vibe, too (the vibe is paramount for me‼️). I tangibly feel her passion for educating the #loccommunity through her videos and online courses. She explains each concept thoroughly and makes it simple and plain enough for one to be able to care for their own locs at home (although I see a Loctician monthly, I still use her information for my own FYI). She also gives her professional and personal opinions on other loc hair products and I find this uber beneficial! In addition to her YT channel, the “Digital Loctician” has a product line, an online hair academy, and a blog (she’s a wealth of information!).

Find the “Digital Loctician” on YT as “CurlyNuGrowth” and her product line and online hair academy can be found in the description box of any of her videos. Check her out and thank me later!😁



**This IS NOT a paid sponsorship, simply a nugget**

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