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My Renaissance: Day 2 she is water

she is water by Adrian Michael Green
she is water by Adrian Michael Green

My tat on the picture above reads:

“she is water.

powerful enough to drown you

soft enough to cleanse you

deep enough to save you.”

Prose: Adrian Michael Green

These words were another life changing moment in my life! I found them when I was searching deep within myself for answers to questions I’d never taken the time to answer; questions I outran and avoided for years, because after all, everyone else was supposed to be my priority as a wife and mother, right!🤷🏽‍♀️

An online query of “deep quotes” led me to these words and when I read them, they hit me like a ton of bricks; I was (in the words of Tasha Cobbs-Leonard) gracefully broken! These words spoke to my soul; they were the totality of who I felt I was but better said than I could ever have thought or articulated. These words empowered me, they reassured me; it was a Mary/Elizabeth moment, my baby who had been stagnant for some time, leaped in my womb.

I got my tat this year in February and about the same time, I ran across more power (books) from the penmanship of Adrian Michael Green. The definition of the word giver in Adrian’s book entitled the same (“Giver”) put everything in perspective in that very moment!

Adrian’s words spoke directly to me, they sparked a fire in me that had completely died! They restored my faith in love and got me back to living fearlessly; in spite of!

Giver. n. 1) a selfless soul unwilling to limit their love and heart; 2) one who lets out and lets in emotions unconditionally, freely; 3) an unrequited human who surrenders all that is available to them in the name of love; 4) soul for giveness; 5) purposeful lover always in a state of thinking about what others need; 6) a reacher, longing, seeking, connection. Adrian Michael Green

I’m a giver, I love hard/unconditionally, and I’m loyal to a fault ♍️ but until I read Adrian’s words in the book “Giver,” I had never given the same unconditional love and grace to myself. Now I do it daily and I love who I am. I pray that you love you, too!


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